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Identification Card

Free ID & ldentification Card
Petition Process (IDPP)

No Birth Certificate?
No problem!
Ask us how!

Call us at 844.588.1069

Getting A Free ID For Voting Is Easy

Visit your local DMV office

We'll help. To find a DMV, call us 844.588.1069

Bring the following, if available:

Proof of name and date of birth (such as a Birth Certificate)

Proof of identity (Social Security Card, Medicaid/Medicare card, etc.)

Wisconsin residency (Utility Bill, Government Mail, Lease, etc.)

Proof of U.S. citizenship (U.S. Birth certificate or Citizenship paperwork)

Social Security Number

If you don't have all or any of these...

You can still get an ID for voting. Just bring what you have to the DMV, fill out two forms, and you will get a photo ID document in the mail that you can use in time for voting.



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