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Buffalo Lumber & Tie
Head Sawyer

Job Date: ASAP

Since 2006, Buffalo Lumber & Tie, Fountain City, WI has been harvesting and processing timber from Central and Southern Wisconsin, Southeastern Minnesota, Northern Iowa and Northern Illinois. Buffalo’s specialty is Northern Black Walnut. The Northern Black Walnut sawn by Buffalo Lumber & Tie is known around the world for its consistent color, tight grain, attractive small ingrown knots, and smaller sap content when compared to mid-continent Walnut from other areas of the United States.

1) Operates head saw and feed carriage to saw logs into cants or boards: Starts mechanical loader arms that place log on carriage.

2) Sets dogs and adjusts carriage blocks to align log for sawing.

3) Activates carriage that moves log against saw blade.

4) Starts saw to cut log.

5) Observes exposed face of log after first cut to determine grade and size of next cut and adjusts setting of carriage blocks.

6) Starts mechanical log turner that turns log over on carriage for subsequent cuts.

Buffalo Lumber & Tie
S2941 Indian Creek Road
Fountain City, WI 54629

Phone: 608.687.7681
Fax: 608-687-7681

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