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Dog License

If your pet is wearing a license tag and it gets lost or goes missing, licensing increases your chances of finding your dog. Dogs that are licensed will be returned quicker and have a better chance of being returned than those that are unlicensed.

  • $12.00 -- Male Dog
  • $5.00 -- Neutered Male Dog
  • $12.00 -- Female Dog
  • $5.00 -- Spayed Female Dog
  • $10.00 -- Late License Fee (After April 1st)
  • $55.00 -- Multiple Dog License (12 or Fewer Dogs)
  • $5.00 -- Additional Multiple Dog Tags

Please download the form and contact the County Clerks Office at the Court House for all payments. Tags and receipts will be managed by the Court House until further notice.

County Clerk
407 S 2nd Street
Alma, WI 54610
Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Dog License Form

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