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Water Assistance Program

No Wisconsinite should be faced with losing their water service.

Providing financial assistance (a minimum $1000 bill reduction payment) to low-income households to pay arrears preventing disconnection of water service, and to help with bill reduction.

Water is one of nature’s most beautiful and life-sustaining resources. At no fault of their own many WI utility customers are facing a shut-off to their water service. This leaves them without the one life-giving resource we all take for granted. And those hardest hit are on fixed incomes juggling multiple temporary jobs, or those who lost full-time jobs in sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. Recognizing this, funds have been made available to ensure that Wisconsinites have access to crucial resources like heat, power, and also water. If someone you care about needs a hand up, your local WI energy providers are working together to keep you safely in your home, and your water, heat, and power on.

If you are in danger of falling behind on your water bills & losing your water service call 1-833-H2O-WISC (833-426-9472) to directly connect with a LIHWAP eligibility specialist





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